Authors Note:  Bob and I used to do our own travel planning.  Then we met Carmen and he immediately made our travel planning so much easier handling all the details of our trips including eliminating frustrating hours on the phone with airline carriers.   He has been invaluable to us over the past few years, saving money and more importantly time.  We use him now to book all our travel details.  He will give you invaluable information and great  service.

“Captain” Carmen with Cruise Planners shares valuable insight on the critical benefits of using a Travel Advisor like himself when planning and booking your next vacation.

When you think about it, a vacation starts as soon as travelers get the idea to take one. Then, with a bucket-list destination or family trip in mind, mental planning begins about the perfect vacation they want to experience with their friends, family, and loved ones.

So, when that happens, why not utilize an experienced and knowledgeable Travel Advisor like Captain Carmen right from the start? There are so many benefits for travelers, including time and cost savings and so much more.

Travel Advisors provide Valuable time savings.

As travelers research, they quickly realize vacation planning can become extremely time-consuming, potentially overwhelming, and often-times stressful.

Reason #1: Researching a vacation is usually the most time-consuming part of vacation planning. Travel Advisors save Travelers time. This is why it is so beneficial and important to work with a well-traveled Travel Advisor professional right away.

“Building relationships with my clients is key.”

“By asking them questions, I can delve into the type of travel experience they want,” states Captain Carmen. “I then use my extensive industry background and first-hand travel experience to offer honed-in suggestions specific to their requests.” Suggestions and options for travel take a traveler’s travel style, expectations, and budget into consideration. “Right from the start, I invest my time to save them valuable time, building trust as I work on their behalf.”

Travel Advisors offer Insight vs. Information.

With so much information easily accessible at their fingertips, it’s easy for travelers to think they can handle all aspects of travel planning by themselves. Vacations can essentially be researched, planned, and booked all online, but ultimately, travelers don’t know what they don’t know.

Reason #2 is that Travel Advisors bring a wealth of valuable knowledge from years of hands-on professional experience, their own personal travels, and helping clients plan a wide variety of vacations.

“Planning travel and traveling are what I do.”

Captain Carmen likes to tell travelers that he has been traveling since he was in his youth and has been in the travel industry for almost 25 years. “My first-hand experience of destinations worldwide and knowledge of different types of travel, whether cruising or by land, make working with me a huge asset. In addition, I have special relationships with many cruise lines and other tour providers. These relationships often result in better travel experiences and perks for my customers.  I have traveled extensively to destinations like Alaska and Europe on ocean and river cruises and have cruised as far east as South Korea. This insight brings exceptional value to my clients at no additional cost.”

He states, “In the absence of working with a Travel Advisor, travelers are omitting the most important piece out of the travel planning puzzle, a relationship with a trusted person, like himself, to guide your way.”

Trust in your Travel Advisor. 

Reason #3: Travel Advisors have your back. Captain Carmen takes the time to get to know his travelers, their families, and fellow travelers. Building trust is an essential key to using a Travel Advisor.

“I love to learn the uniqueness of travelers’ needs and expectations and work hard to provide options to them which consider those needs,” he states.  

“Life also happens before and during a vacation. Plans change. As I build trust with my clients, travelers quickly learn that I am here to assist at every step of the way as I make planning easy and, when necessary, fix issues should they arise. It’s a relationship strongly built on trust.”

“I don’t want clients to worry. That is my job.” Captain Carmen notes.  “Travelers learn to trust that I know about changing travel guidelines and protocols. I also stay abreast of the hottest destinations, suggest when to book to maximize value, and offer options travelers may not even think of. Finally, when unfortunate situations happen while traveling, I am available to assist with resolving problems.

Travel Advisors offer valuable cost savings. 

Every traveler has a travel budget. But much more goes into getting the ‘best value’ for your vacation besides the money being spent. So, it’s not just about money.

Presenting options that save money and provide value are huge advantages of working with me. I take the time to explain the benefits of things such as a prime ship cabin location, the inclusiveness of a luxury travel provider, or the financial savings of vacationing during shoulder season.

Reason #4 is that Travel Advisors invest in explaining the exact details of what a traveler is considering buying. They want clients to understand. This is an essential element of the travel planning process. “The internet does not do that. I do,” notes Captain Carmen.

Captain Carmen reiterates, “Value needs to be understood.”

“Good value and low cost are not the same. Therefore, I take time to be transparent with clients about the cost of a vacation and what they are receiving for that cost. I often hear from clients who have discovered a low-priced vacation online. After reviewing the details, I reveal to them that restrictions, category limits, and unexpected hidden costs come into play, ultimately making a perceived ‘low-cost’ option either not what they wanted, more expensive, or both.”

Are you ready to start planning and talking about your next dream vacation? Then, reach out to Captain Carmen and let him help you experience these four reasons, and many more, why working with a Travel advisor to make your next memorable vacation happen is the best thing to pack on your vacation.

“Captain” Carmen Palogruto has passionately worked in the travel industry for over 20 years. He has traveled to over 35 countries, visited all 50 US states, and has experienced vacations on river cruises, by rail, on large ships, at resorts, with escorted groups, and many other ways in between. His extensive background includes training and experience with travel products, including river cruises, sea cruises, and land-based vacations. As a dedicated franchise owner, Captain Carmen works for you as he plans and books your perfect vacation at no additional cost.


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