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Scuba Diving Around The World

Scuba diving around the world is an excellent way to explore the ocean’s depths and discover the underwater world’s beauty.  Danielle and I decided to get scuba certified for our trip to Hawaii last year, and it has led us on a new path of fun and discovery as we venture to scuba dive around the world.  Our first dive in Hawaii was a night diving with giant Manta Rays.  Two days later we went out to explore the many amazing reefs off the west coast of the big island of Hawaii which I cronicled in Sea and Salt: The big Island of Hawaii.

Scuba diving offers an incredible opportunity to see the majesty of the deep up close. Explore shipwrecks, spot amazing marine life, and witness the beauty of coral reefs with snorkeling. This is an experience that would not be possible otherwise. We don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of the underwater world. We got our ocean water certification in two weeks, just two days before our trip.

Scuba Diving Safety

Checking Safety GearSafety is also a significant factor when it comes to scuba diving. We encourage all who want to learn to scuba dive to take the leap and start your training today. With the right training and equipment, you can minimize risks and ensure your dives are as safe and enjoyable as possible.  We have continued our training and education obtaining more certifications, including our Advanced Diver certification, which includes underwater navigation, wreck diving, deep water diving, and more.  Our continual training will ensure our safety as we seek new places to scuba dive around the world.  Read more about our PADI Advance Certification dives with Rainbow Reef in Key Largo, FL.

Sense of Freedom while Scuba Diving

The sense of freedom that comes with scuba diving is another reason it’s so much fun. You can explore the ocean’s depths, free from the boundaries of the surface. You can swim and dive at your own pace and marvel at the beauty of the underwater world. The sense of exploration and adventure is also a major draw for us. Exploring unknown reefs, uncovering hidden shipwrecks, and witnessing the ocean’s wonders firsthand. We dove the USS Spiegel Grove Wreck in Key Largo.  It was our first deep water and wreck dive and an amazing thrill. No other activity can replicate the thrill and excitement of challenging yourself and discovering something new.

We have found that scuba diving is a great way to build relationships with other divers around the world. We have met many wonderful people of all ages and from different places on our dives.

We are lucky to live in Florida, where there is some of the best diving in the world on the east coast and in the Florida Keys.  Danielle and I went Who are you looking at - me? I am watching you!shark diving in Jupiter Florida in February and will be heading back again for a shark dive with our Gulf Coast dive shop buddies in a few weeks. We highly recommend that more people learn to scuba dive.

Scuba diving is an enriching activity that offers an incredible sense of exploration, adventure, and freedom. It also teaches us to respect our oceans and waterways more, protecting the delicate balance of the undersea world.  Scuba diving is an excellent option if you’re looking for a new way to explore the ocean’s depths. Follow us as we adventure to scuba dive around the world.


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Turtle Time in Jupiter, FL

Turtle Time in Jupiter, FL

Turtle Time in Jupiter is when you can usually dive and swim with many giant logger head and green turtles. We saw a few sleeping and a few lobsters but the visibility was a challenge.