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Dive Around the World with Viking Neptune's Dive Group

Are you interested in scuba diving the world’s most fabulous dive locations?

We’ll be visiting many of the world’s top 20 dive spots on Earth during our 23/24 world cruise.

If you are a diver or snorkeler, you may be excited about all the fantastic dive locations we will go to during our cruise.  Even if you are not a certified diver now, you can get certified on our first stop at Cozumel on Christmas morning. Then you’ll be able to enjoy a world of fantastic scuba diving in places like Cabo San Lucas, Honolulu, HI, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Morea, New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, and so many more stunning opportunities to explore the depths of our oceans.

Danielle say Hello on the Bonaire-Turtle Time in JupiterI am reaching out to dive shops worldwide at the destinations we stop at on our cruise.  Logistics may be challenging due to arrival and departure times, but there is strength in numbers.  If we have even a small group of 4-6 divers, we can arrange private dive and snorkel trips that meet our timetables for arrivals and departures.  Large groups would give us more leverage to negotiate with.

If you want to join us diving during our cruise, please fill out the form below.  We will create our own informal Viking Dive & Snorkel Club and have a blast exploring the world’s seas.

Your information will be used to research dive locations and arrange charters.  I’ll publish all the dive location information I discover on this page below.  Please share your information with us if you have already been to some of these locations, have already booked dive charters for the cruise, or have recommendations.  We will be signing up for our Viking excursions before we know it.  Some have started already, so there is no time to waste.

I will post all the dive trip  information  with prices and logistical information below and create a trip sign up form.

Dive Locations & Information Identified to Date



Departure times

Dive Shop & emailPhone #CostNotes
12/25/2023Cozumel8 am – 6 pm Viking Discover Scuba$129I will try to arrange a dive master for certified divers on this trip so we can dive independently while the certification class is happening.  This is a great way to get certified or take a refresher course in preparation for this trip.  I am also looking into a different dive shop for certified divers. However, all other dive shops I have contacted are booked.
1/6/20249 am – 6 pmCabo San LucasI am researching possibilities.  Our arrival time makes it challenging.
1/17/2024Honolulu, OahuOvernight to 2 pm

Trident Adventures

(808) 762-3483$220.32

Two Tank morning dive

7 am – 10 pm Scuba Only

Reference me in the reservation

1/23/2024Bora Bora11 am – 6 pm

+689 87 76 60 61 E96.27

One tank afternoon dive

Available for snorkelers as well

Reference me in the reservation

1/24/2024Morea7 am – 11 pm

Nemoz Dive

Cell / Whatsapp: 00(689) 87 71 25 25$135 when prepaid

If we can get a group of 4 or more divers, they can pick us up from the ship at 8 a.m.

Two tank dive – scuba only

Snorkeling is available on the afternoon lagoon dives

1/25/2024Peepeetee7 am – 8 pm

Eleuthera Divers (Plongee)


Phone: (+689) 40 42 49 29
Cell: (+689) 87 77 65 68

$170 pp

$102 pp


We can propose 2 dives on January 25, 2024
11 am to 12.45 pm and 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm
The price is 18900 pacific franc per person
It’s the same program for snorkelers !
Price is 14 000 pacific franc per person
Meeting is at 10.15 am at dive shop ( Eleuthera plongee , marina taina , Punaauia , Tahiti island )
2/20/2024Brisbane8 am – 5 have reached out to the dive shop for information.


Cairns8;30 am – 11:30 pmCairns Snorkeling adventureViking Excursion$399.00Our arrival time is too late to go with an independent charter due to the length of the boat ride.  Upgrades are available, so I hope we can upgrade to a full dive with a local guide.
2/29/2024komodo Island8:00 – 4 pm have reached out for possibilities.  Komodo National Park is reportedly one of the best diving areas in the world.
3/1/2024 – 3/3/2024BaliNoon 3/1. – 10 pm 3/3

Neptune Scuba Diving

What’s App

+62 812 9211 7979

I have reached out for information.
3/13/2024Koh Samui Thailand 8 am – 4 pmI am researching options now – please check back

I will continue to update this table as I get more information.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any thoughts or questions.