Sailing the oceans, seas and rivers in style

Monte Carlo to Nice aboard Seabourn’s small cruise ship

Lisbon to Rome aboard Seabourn Pride 2011

Budapest to Amsterdam: Viking Mimir

Bob, Paul and Jean

The World of Cruising

Cruising on beautiful ships is one of our favorite ways to see the world.  Bob and I started cruising in 2002 on our first Caribbean trip aboard a Celebrity cruise ship.  We discovered Europe in 2005 while cruising aboard Seabourn ocean ships sailing from Monte Carlo to Rome, around the west coast of Italy, with memorable stops in Tunisia, Elba, Sardinia, Corsica, Florence, Sorento, Portofino, and others. We sailed again with Seabourn in 2011, going from Lisbon along the Spanish coastline to Rome.  Next, Windstar took us from Athens to Venice around western Greece, with stops in Kotor, Montenegro, and then to Dubrovnik and other ports in beautiful Croatia.

Windstar sailing cruise ship - cruising from Athens to Venice

We have sailed on Celebrity, Seabourn, Windstar, Viking, and a 48′ catamaran in the BVI.  In 2021, after Covid, we enjoyed our first of two Viking River Cruises through central Europe, going from Zurich (Basil) to Paris and then in the spring of 2022 from Budapest to Amsterdam.

Each cruise experience was terrific, allowing us to experience many of Europe’s most beautiful and exciting cities and towns.  The service and expertise aboard all the cruise lines were excellent, with no complaints.  We would recommend any of the three smaller cruise lines.  However, the Celebrity Cruise was a different experience.  It was a fun getaway in the Caribbean, but we were not fans of the big crowds, formal nights, and substantial buffet lines standard on larger cruise ships in 2002.

Note: Celebrity is changing its cruise format to meet travelers’ needs and desires.  If we go with our families, we may try a larger cruise ship, which would enjoy all the amenities offered on the larger ships.

Our next cruising experiences:

In June of 2023, we are going to Alaska aboard Seabourn Odessey.  Then, later in the year, we are heading off on an exciting 138-day World Grand Tour aboard Viking Jupiter on December 23, 2023.  The World Tour will take us from Ft. Lauderdale west through Panama Canal, touring many destinations in the Pacific Ocean, stopping in Indonesia, India, and Egypt, through the Suez Canal, visiting many great cities in the Mediterranean, and finally terminating in London, England.  We prefer to cruise on smaller ships, allowing us to get to know fellow passengers while enjoying a higher quality of service offered by smaller ships with all-inclusive prices.

We look forward to providing a great narrative covering these trips later this year and next.

One of the more exciting cruise trips was aboard an eight-person 48′ sailing catamaran when we spent eight days  Bareboating British Virgin Islands with friends.  That was one of the most memorable and fun cruises we have been privileged to go on.

The benefits of cruising are many:

  • No packing and unpacking as you move from one location to the next.
  • Pampered by fabulous 24/7 service aboard luxurious ships.
  • Enjoying Incredible food and no cooking.
  • Experiencing professionally guided tours.
  • Covering large areas without the hassle of border crossings, visa issues, etc.
  • No worrying about local languages, finding hotels, or driving in foreign countries.
  • Seeing a region’s historical, geographical, cultural, and natural highlights.
  • Pampered by excellent staff, all dedicated to providing the most memorable experience possible.
  • Catering to people of all ages, abilities, and interests.

The negatives of cruising:

  • There is a specific itinerary that you are limited to while aboard the ships.
  • Short stops for a day, maybe two in each port, it’s challenging to learn about the culture and the area in detail.
  • You may get seasick, but there are effective ways to prevent and treat sea sickness.
  • It is expensive.  Even if you go aboard one of the large ships boasting bargain prices, it will ultimately cost you due to added-on fees that many cruise lines charge.

Cruising Expert Carmen:

Our friend Carmen Palogruto, Captain Carmen, will add to our cruise information.  Captain Carmen is a good friend and an excellent travel agent specializing in cruises.  Capt. Carmen has been aboard many cruise ship lines and has traveled worldwide.  He can help you create a fantastic trip while taking the worry and work out of planning your vacations.  Have special needs?  No problem, Carmen will take great care of you.