Adventure Trips

These trips get the adrenaline going

Adventure Trips

Adventure trips are engaging, exciting, and sometimes hazardous experiences or exploring unknown areas.  The definition of excitement and danger changes dramatically from one person to another, especially as we get older.  In our opinion, many of our trips would be adventurous for most.  However, many people have never seen an ocean or a mountain range.  To those, we say:  Get out there and enjoy all that awaits you!  There are so many ways you can become adventurous in your travels.

We have categorized our adventure trips into a few different categories:

You may not think golfing and fishing qualify as adventure trips, but try golfing at Old Head, Ireland, in a 40mph wind or fishing in Panama in a tropical storm. Of course, to many, just taking these trips would be adventurous.

Bob and I are heading on the adventure trip of a lifetime later this year as we go around-the-world trip this year on the Viking Neptune.  This adventure trip promises to deliver many exciting and adventurous experiences that we can’t wait to tell you about. We will be diving the great barrier reef, fishing in Cabo, discovering Ho Chi Minh City, and exploring the ancient ruins of Egypt and Petra and exploring 28 countries and over 100 locations. Traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to London, we will pack in a lot of adventure trips for sure.

What is your dream adventure trip?  From river cruises to swimming with the sharks.  It is out there waiting for you to experience.

Are you interested in learning more about your options?  Give Carmen a call at Cruise Planners at 813-373-5942.  Carmen is a friend and a great travel agent.

Night Diving with the Giant Mantas in Kona HI