Cast About Travel Origins

Cast About Travel was started to inspire and educate people about how big and beautiful our world is to see and explore. The more you can experience different cultures, the more respect you will have for people and our beautiful planet.

A Toast at Peters BrewhausBob and I have always enjoyed traveling ever since we were married way back when.  We’ve always been adventurous during our travels, never hesitating to take advantage of a great opportunity to get away and recharge from our jobs and life.  In our wedding rings is an inscription, “Celebrate Life.”  We worked hard to do precisely that throughout our many years together, so we said yes when opportunities came up in our careers to move to a new state for a better position.

This resulted in us living in New York (birth state), Connecticut, Massachusetts, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida.  Our kids hated it when we were moving, although all admit now moving gave them great perspectives on our country and its people. They understand and respect different perspectives and have fun memories of all the places we have lived and people we met

Cast About Travel Inspirational History:

Bob insisted that he and I get away at least once every year, even if it was just for a long weekend.  This was often difficult because we did not live near our families and had no natural support system.  However, with the help of some terrific friends, we found time to recharge together.  Our most adventurous trip happened when we left our four-month-old twin girls with my brother and his family and my son with a best friend and took off to go skiing in Switzerland in early 1985.  It was cheaper to go to Switzerland skiing that year than to go to Colorado, so off we went. They all thrived, and we had a great time which we still talk about occasionally.

This past spring, we returned to Zermatt and Interlaken to see the area covered in lush green grass.  As we looked up from the highest point the cogwheel train would take us, we couldn’t believe we had skied those steep rocky cliffs all those years ago.

Over the decades, we have had wonderful trips, fantastic food, and some hilarious escapades getting lost.  We look forward to telling you about our experiences, both current, future, and past.  In addition, we have met some fantastic people who love to travel and promised to share a few of their stories on this blog.

We’ll share a few tips we have picked up along the way and point you to other bloggers for their great travel tips sections.   We hope you enjoy our stories and comment on them to provide additional information for our readers.


Recent Travels

From the beautiful and varied island of Hawaii through Europe and down to the Florida Keys,  2022 has been a year of travel catch-up.  Here are a few of our stories from 2022 and 2023.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Insurance

You have been planning for this trip for two years and it is now just a week away. Your excitement is building, and then the unthinkable happens. A crazy, unforeseen medical problem arises, and you can’t go. Are you covered for your trip costs?